«Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.» (Le Corbusier)
Our challenge is it to create this scopes perfectly for your individual personality.

New Building. In Perfection.

Whether you choose to build your house like a fortress of stone, a cathedral of your taste or as an expression of minimalist understatement, this is up to you. It's up to us to realize it for you in perfection.

REMODELING. The tried and trusted.

There are many reasons for remodeling your home instead of building a new. Whether you cling to the tried and trusted, or are grown fond to the familiar environment. We have many creative possibilities to add new space and indoor modifications to your propriety.


Design turns necessities into art. When rooms come alive and start a symbiotic relationship with their owners, then functionality has become art. Quoting the famous artist Kurt Schwitters defining art: «Essential is only the forming».


It is our senses that perceive the spaces around us and fill them with meaning. Quoting Oscar Niemeyer «Architecture consists of dreams, imagination, curves and empty spaces». It is up to us to transform the sheer convenience of living rooms into spaces of creativity, pleasure, phantasy and dreams.


Communication, energy efficiency, taking control. Without loss in value of the old but  with increase of value for the future. Partially or totally, we renovate inside and outside according your demands and needs of today and tomorrow.

Architecture BOOKLETS.

Examples of our interpretations and realizations can be found in these books (click on picture). These books are not just virtual, if you want to order them, please send us an email.

Vision NaturE.

When the habitat of man and nature meets, it demands a harmonius design for the ideal symbiosis, which then gives us a high qualtiy of life. The old is reinterpreted, the new is given its unique character by using proven noble materials.


So diverse and fascinating as man himself are the rooms he is living in. They reflect his personality and his very own character.

It fills us with joy to interpret exactly this symbiosis between man and his living space in our design.


Not only man and his homes are different. Equally is the particular landscape in which he lives.

The challenge to renovate an old captain's house on the island of Foehr and bring it into the modern age, was a special one. More about this and the inspiring nature on the above pages.


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Hinzer Architektur AG

Via Suot Chesas 8a

7512 St. Moritz/Champfèr

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